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You anticipate an important event?  You have a business meeting, wait for an important customer or are about to arrange a wedding, or you wait for any other big day – bus alas, you have no decent car suitable for the purpose? Premier Transfers are elegant, new, and always clean cars to cater to your event. We offer both short-term and long-term rent possibilities. Enjoy our special car rental offer with limousine service, and we will guarantee the best price and the highest comfort you have ever enjoyed! Premier Transfers-provided service – car rental with a driver- covers all the major cities in Latvia, Baltic States, and Europe. We will bring you wherever you need! So, we offer:

  • Fast booking
  • Assistance 24/7 (24h a day, 7 days a week)
  • Highly qualified, experienced, and multilingual employees
  • Personal and individual treatment – from booking a transfer to delivery to destination point and event-organizing operations. Contact us by phone or mail to find out your price for individual car rent with a driver!

  Until 3h
 Until24h 1 - 3 days
 4-7 days
 More than 7 days
  Mercedes E 220 (2012)

  60,00€ (per period)
  100,00€ (per period) 80,00€ (day)   70,00€ (day)
 Please, contast us individually
  Mercedes Vito (8+1)

60,00€ (per period) 100,00€ (per period)  80,00€ (day)  70,00€ (day)  Please, contast us individually
 Mercedes CLS 60,00€ (per period)  100,00€ (per period)  80,00€ (day)  70,00€ (day) Please, contast us individually
 Mercedes S (2015)

   150,00 €
(per period)
   150,00 €
(per period)
 140,00 €
 Please, contast us individually Please, contast us individually

NB! We accept barter transactions as well (based on a tentative agreement of course!)